Yantai Shengtan Heavy Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.was built in 2010.10.08.Company’s business are ship special welding and the ship outfitting group welding.

                               Our company mainly processes outfitting products, such as inclined ladder, vertical ladder, spiral staircase, railing, platform, protection fence for safety operation for Daewoo Shipbuilding &Marine Engineering Co.,Ltd and transfer barrel for construction ,access door for boiler, water tank, manhole, plastic frame

                               Sine the company has been built ,we manage the production with advanced technology, process the products under the ISO quality management system to ensure the quality of products.our company’s employee bear in mind with honest ,high efficiency, talent,development and close-nit and work hard to ensure the quality and satisfied that period of products .

                               Our company has a plant which is more than 3000 square meters .we employed a professional group of design and process and manufacturing, which has 26 person, in this group,there are 12 senior skilled workers ,1master worker, 1 technical engineer .We also have advanced machine equipment, such as two welding machine ,Carbon arc air gouging, Profiling cutting, Semi automatic cutting, Rocker drilling, Lathe, Grinding machine, Milling machine,Sawing machine .

                               We advocate the operation philosophy of people-centric and scientific management and put the Chinese traditional culture Disciple gauge as the guidance,develop the spirit of never yield in spite of reverses and carve and be subject to tenet of honest and creditable,clients paramount.

                        Tel:0535-6953781、0535-6953787、0535-6953837 Fax:0535-6953837
                        E-mail:xintanbest@163.com   Address:Address:No 17, Wuhan Street ,
                        Yantai Economic-Technological Development Area , Yantai ,  
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                        Heavy Industry Machinery Equipment.Co., Ltd
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