★★Shengtan heavy industry’s commitment to quality
                        Shengtan heavy industry monitor the quality of products ,strictly,from buying the materials to manufacturing and to packing products . In every step,we monitored the products process and test the quality of products strictly to ensure to produce high quality and perfect products .
                        Our company carry out the ISO9001 effectively ,through continuously developing manufacturing process and applying the new technology to ensure the quality of products to be leader in this industry .
                        Shengtan heave industry made a sincere commitment to service that is the second-creative of products,survival depend on quality and development with credit .

                        ★★The policy of quality
                        We regard the satisfactory of customer and quality of products as our purpose and life,continuously innovating.

                        ★★Nothing is important than quality and sincerity
                        To our company :quality is a standard ,loyalty and responsibility,also a life of our company.
                        High quality of products is our company”s future .!
                        To promise to record on quality business system and continuously management ,we will act as below:

                        1 To produce the highest quality of products
                        2 To provide the service satisfying the customer
                        3 To continuously improve our products according to the customer’s requirements

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